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Q: It is true that Ipe wood is so resistant? And since it comes from Brazil, does it resist Quebec's weather?
A: This wood is the most resistant that we can buy on a worldwide scale, it has an incredible density, with a factor of hardness (Janka) of 3680 against 580 for the cedar or 870 lbs for treated wood. It’s 5 times harder. And for our local weather, its density makes so that this robust wood is very stable, and heat, cold, or moisture have a little impact on this wood. The insects and termites do not like it, too hard to eat.

Q: It is true that it does not need any treatment?
A: It is true, Ipe does not require any treatment, if you are tired to scrape, and sand, paint or varnish, Ipe wood is your solution. We can let it age, and in time and it will become a beautiful silver patina.

Q; What If we want to keep the colors of the Ipe wood?
A: In this case, you can apply a UV protector oil such as: Cabot, Penofin, and others. The application is simple and fast, average a surface of 150 square feet can take 1 hour to oil, it is nothing. The treatment will last a few years.

Q: For the structure of support can we use treated wood?
A: Yes, you can. That’s what we use in our structures.

Q: Why that not many people know about Ipe wood?
A: Ipe is a well-known wood by architects, contractors and professional people. But until recently its availability on the Canadian market was low. The fabrication was difficult, the factories had problems of production, the wood was so hard that it was damaging the equipments which made it too expensive. Finally, from not to long producers have been able to be equipped with new machines, with new technologies for cutting hard timber, now it is less difficult to get it.

Q: Is Ipe wood more expensive than other woods?
A: Ipe wood is not much expensive than other woods, for example normally a deck of finished in cedar or treated wood should cost you around 10 % cheaper than the same deck finished in Ipe, it is not a large difference. But once that you have to maintain your deck, in Cedar or treated Wood; it will cost time, money and energy. For only one year of treatment, you exceed the cost of a deck finished in Ipe, in short and long term your Ipe will be less expensive.

Q: Can we have more information on Ipe wood on Internet?
A: Of course, you can find several sites filled of useful information, search for “Ipe Wood”.

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