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Our Mission
We Ipedex, are a leader in the design and installation of Decking, patios, terraces, wall sidings and any other external architectural elements finished in Ipe wood, we also work with composites as : Trex, Fiberon, Bamboo and red cedar, pressure treated wood.

Our force comes from the fact that we are the only on the market who import our Ipe wood directly from Brazil, and other places of South America.

We work with our customers in the design of their projects to meet their specific and personal needs, and to finish we use our own qualified installers.

By doing so we eliminate second and third parties and reduce costs, which gives us the opportunity to offer the very best decking materials available, at competetive prices. Our products also eliminates maintenances, no more large scraping and sanding, no more painting and varnish.

For small or bigger projects, residential or commercial, we serve our customers and we service everywhere Montreal's island and around .

In these times of economic decelerations, our choices of expenditure or investments, personal or for businesses purposes tighten us all, and the least than we can do, make good choices when comes time of expenditures, adopt durable products and especially "Green", to help insure your investments.

Why Ipe decking is a great choice:

Why employ soft wood such as treated wood ACQ, pine, cedar, terrified and the others, which ruin our forests and ecosystems and pollute our rivers and lakes with their maintenance products.

When we can use a wood which has an extreme resistance, great longevity which can easily exceed 50 years and more, and without maintenance if desired, that will give a respite and support a growth of our forests on a worldwide scale.

Ipe decking wood is 5 times harder pressure treated pine, cedar, and other wood, there's not a harder wood. Ipe wood is the solution, it is the most resistant, durable, almost with no maintenance, and especially filled of beauty and colors.

Therefore we are extremely trustful that there is not a more adequate and perfect wood to conceive your external projects. For our service of installation, our installers are well trained and very qualified. They are professionals and work hard to amply satisfy all our customers.

It is guaranteed.

Dominic Tedioso, pres.
RBQ 8328-0370-06